Friday, 30 October 2009

Exaggeration Project

Visually exagerate portraiture of either yourself or friends...Will need to do a quick series of sketches first
(I will need to make sketches of How my friends or I look in real life first) then exaggerate the faces--- I will try to stretch their faces first just to see how it would look.
I have decided to choose Richard and exaggerate his face.

Here are some sketches.

There is the orignal face of the person, then how it would look if he was angry or skeptical.
If he is angry, I cannot really stretch his face so I just make his eyebrows look bushier and thicker to emphasize his frown, if he is skeptical it's good to give him a perspective view, raise an eyebrow and make the other eye look like it's slightly closed. (The idea of Thick pointed looking eyebrows was based on how Wolverine hairstyle looked)

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