Thursday, 29 April 2010

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Monday, 26 April 2010

Short film summary

You can have the best animations but if the soty is bad, it will have an impact on the final piece.
Some of teh short films I have watched didn't make much sense yet they were well animated, but becausethe story was bad, the temptation to stop watching the whole animation was there.
(Note-Having a good story for an animation is a plus)

-Have a special drawing style can add a plus to an animation like a minus, it could be attractive or 8uninteresting.
(Note: I could create my own drawing style for my animations, but I have to be careful with the way I apply it to my animation).

-Some had a mixture of 3d and 2d objects . Nothing looked out of place, they both blended in well together.
(Note: Mixing 3d and 2d objects could be very tricky, and if in the end they don't blend well together, it will affect the quality of the animation).

Backwards- Aaron Hughes

Backwards is the title because the story is told in reverse (therefore watched in reverse).

# This animation has a drawing style of its own. The drawing is not professional like but has a kinder garden look to it (Like something drawn by a 4-5 years old ), yet the story is meant for adults.
# the animation style is wobbly like, even when an image is supposed to look still, it wobbles and gives the watcher the feeling that it’s still animated. (The good about this animation is that even as it wobbles, the animator managed to keep the characters’ sizes the same- they don’t tend to grow bigger or smaller, there is also a consistency).
# It looks like the background has been painted traditionally and the characters digitally coloured with plain colours (No 3D look applied, plain, full colours). (Salad Fingers video link)

# This animation reminds me of Salad Fingers because of teh simple drawing style and the plain colours.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

She who measures by Veljko Popovic

A very scary 3D short. The story doesn't make much sense at the beginning and gets even more confusing towards the end. The characters are weird looking but very funny to look at. The textures have a glossy like (Almost 2D) look, a bit like in The simpsons on PLaystation three.

Not many facial expressions except for the eyes. (A bit like WAllac and grommit...the dog).

Chick by Michal Socha

A different style from most animations you see out there. Fire like background (3D like) with a totally black foreground and black characters. The characaters and the black lines in the background tend to connect each other to form a new object...(Not like in most animations where the background and foreground are two seperate things, and remain separate). The story makes sense (A bit confusing at the beginning because everything is getting mixed together: Foregrounds and backgrounds) but then as we get closer to the end, we start to understand.

The music is very catchy and it blends in very well with the animation, making the actions and the characters look funny instead of scary. Again the animation style has an attraive point of its own because of the different style.

Divers by Paris Mavroidis

Divers is a short film featuring Women diving into the sea. They dive from sky towards the sea and before they reach the sea, a series of gymnastics is being shown. the animation explores the abstraction of the human body into shape and the absorption of the individual into the mass.

This animation was one of the best featured during the flatpack festival event I attended. The characters movements were so close to human beings movements that it almost looked real. The animation shows clearly what a human being movemnent would look like in real life, how it would be affected by different factors (In this case it was affected by how fast they dived into the sea, at which speed and the amount of air pressure affecting their movements)...the only drawback was the textures, the animator did not pay much attention to the textures maybe her focus was more on the characters actions, which she managed to achieve wonderfully.

The musi was also very catchy, instead of being there just to fill the silence, it actually emphasized the animation moe precisely the characters gymnastics.

Flatpack Festival 2010-Short films

For the flatpack festival I attended the one showing the following short films:

Backwards- Aaron Hughes
Divers- Paris Mavroidis
Chick- Michal Socha
Morris and the others- Edwin Rostron
Lebensander- Angela Steffen
Illuminated Sorrow- Masha-Sha
The Vinny Club- Digital Beast
Debt- Mike Weiss
Rendezvous- Alfred Dieler
From the ground up the order embrace-Nick Briz
Tea Break- David Grannel
The office environment- Mark Mullery
Ease my mind- Paddy Cahill/Hules Hackett
She who measures- Veljko Popovic
Lunch- Ana Husman
Where is your head at- Max Hattler
Sea of Glass- Sean Vicary

Starting with Divers by Paris Mavroidis

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Set Scene 1 (Previews)

16- Set 1 Preview

Here is a design of the set we might make for scene 1 of the storyboard, where it is raining and we see victor's house.

  • I also tried to apply different colour designs just to see which one is more suitable for the animation (I also tried to design a 3D house just to see how it would look like in real life)