Tuesday, 8 December 2009

RVJ - Page 14

Before I make my storyboard I need to choose an audio, then I need to create the characters, need to talk about their physical characteristics like for the simpsons characters (Check their storyboard) and also their personalities Then I can think about the storyboard.

The audio I'm gonna use is: Have you written it ?

  • Have you writen it

  • I...I can

  • Have you writen it ?

  • An outline

  • OK but it's just an outline, right ?

  • Yeah Sort of

  • Sort of

  • Yeah it's just not tight

  • Not tight ?

I will create the characters then apply different expressions to them based on each sentence they use in the dialogue.

Before I use them as my final characters I will try to exaggerate their expressions just to see if it's suitable for the dialogue.

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