Monday, 7 December 2009

RVJ - Page 6

These are just some notes that I took when Kelvin was talking about how to make a storyboard.

A storyboard is not a comic strip, as animators we should always use proper storyboards templates. Title stands for " The title of the project", SC stands for the different scenes, it should always be numbered, the timing stands for " How long does a specific scene lasts "

Action} What the character does, for instance = If he walks left to right or bends down to pick up something (Should be indicated by arrows tip pointing at the direction of the movement.)

Bg} stands for background, it's useful to number it so that you don't have to draw it on your storyboard in each scene that needs the same background, just write the number for that specific background.

Trans} stands for transitions- like dissolve or fade in between scenes.

I could draw little thumbnails to get an idea on what an action might look like.

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