Thursday, 18 February 2010

4- Storyboarding (A)

Each member of our group is working on different characters designs as well as different stoyboards. ( We do that so that later n we can pick up the best parts from each storyboard and combine them all into one and whole same storyboard). Here is the first part of my storyboard.

Here are some ideas on how we could animate each scene.
# The wee hours. Rain pattering desolately on the roof.
1-Maybe we can apply a zoom in effect that will focus on the upper part of the house (Meaning the whole roof and the top windows)
2- Then the zoom effect can focus more on the highest window ( Where I picture Victor's bedroom).
3- Then we can apply a fade in effect between this scene and the next one (While it is still zooming in).
#Victor sleeping. Wrestling with troubled dreams. Through a crack in the bed curtains, we see the bedroom door slowly creak open, throwing a twisted spill of light.
4- (maybe we can see victor sweating and twitching his eyebrows like he is in agony)
#A shadow appears. Entering. Shambling and gliding across the floor. Silent and furtive. Creeping toward the bed.

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