Sunday, 21 February 2010

7- Armatures

Armatures: I have got a character design but I need to make sure there is a suitable armature enough for this character.

1- When building up an armature, it is important to think about the weight of the character.
  • The weight of the head is very important.
  • If the head is heavier than the rest of the body, it is important to find a way to make the armature and the plasticine around the body supports the head without collapsing.
  • The feet which are at the bottom should also be able to support the heaviness of the head and the rest of the body without collapsing.
  • To help the feet support the whole body including the head. it would be smart to add a lot of plasticine around the armature foot.
  • To build up the arm and the fingers, I thought we could add 3 to 4 short wires to the main armature's arm.
  • because Frankenstein has got a very round tummy, I have thought of 2 solutions to build his stomach.
  1. I could add round wires to the main armature (And maybe fill the gaps with plasticine)
  2. Or I could use the plasticine alone to make the body look round (But I prefer the 1st option because if there is too much weight somewhere without the armature supporting it, it might collapse, besides the armature wiould make it easier).

For the head, maybe we can add a ball there and wrap it with plasticine.

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