Monday, 26 April 2010

Backwards- Aaron Hughes

Backwards is the title because the story is told in reverse (therefore watched in reverse).

# This animation has a drawing style of its own. The drawing is not professional like but has a kinder garden look to it (Like something drawn by a 4-5 years old ), yet the story is meant for adults.
# the animation style is wobbly like, even when an image is supposed to look still, it wobbles and gives the watcher the feeling that it’s still animated. (The good about this animation is that even as it wobbles, the animator managed to keep the characters’ sizes the same- they don’t tend to grow bigger or smaller, there is also a consistency).
# It looks like the background has been painted traditionally and the characters digitally coloured with plain colours (No 3D look applied, plain, full colours). (Salad Fingers video link)

# This animation reminds me of Salad Fingers because of teh simple drawing style and the plain colours.

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