Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Divers by Paris Mavroidis

Divers is a short film featuring Women diving into the sea. They dive from sky towards the sea and before they reach the sea, a series of gymnastics is being shown. the animation explores the abstraction of the human body into shape and the absorption of the individual into the mass.

This animation was one of the best featured during the flatpack festival event I attended. The characters movements were so close to human beings movements that it almost looked real. The animation shows clearly what a human being movemnent would look like in real life, how it would be affected by different factors (In this case it was affected by how fast they dived into the sea, at which speed and the amount of air pressure affecting their movements)...the only drawback was the textures, the animator did not pay much attention to the textures maybe her focus was more on the characters actions, which she managed to achieve wonderfully.

The musi was also very catchy, instead of being there just to fill the silence, it actually emphasized the animation moe precisely the characters gymnastics.

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