Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Flatpack Festival 2010-Short films

For the flatpack festival I attended the one showing the following short films:

Backwards- Aaron Hughes
Divers- Paris Mavroidis
Chick- Michal Socha
Morris and the others- Edwin Rostron
Lebensander- Angela Steffen
Illuminated Sorrow- Masha-Sha
The Vinny Club- Digital Beast
Debt- Mike Weiss
Rendezvous- Alfred Dieler
From the ground up the order embrace-Nick Briz
Tea Break- David Grannel
The office environment- Mark Mullery
Ease my mind- Paddy Cahill/Hules Hackett
She who measures- Veljko Popovic
Lunch- Ana Husman
Where is your head at- Max Hattler
Sea of Glass- Sean Vicary

Starting with Divers by Paris Mavroidis

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