Monday, 26 April 2010

Short film summary

You can have the best animations but if the soty is bad, it will have an impact on the final piece.
Some of teh short films I have watched didn't make much sense yet they were well animated, but becausethe story was bad, the temptation to stop watching the whole animation was there.
(Note-Having a good story for an animation is a plus)

-Have a special drawing style can add a plus to an animation like a minus, it could be attractive or 8uninteresting.
(Note: I could create my own drawing style for my animations, but I have to be careful with the way I apply it to my animation).

-Some had a mixture of 3d and 2d objects . Nothing looked out of place, they both blended in well together.
(Note: Mixing 3d and 2d objects could be very tricky, and if in the end they don't blend well together, it will affect the quality of the animation).

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